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Parag Porwal

Software Developer and Designer

You should write your code in a way such that, If a guy who wants to copy or maintain your code will become violent psychopath who wants to know where you stay

Who I am

The story from zero to here started 12 years back. In these years one thing that I have learned is, there is no age to learn programming language and it does not matter, in which domain you have worked as professional. To learn and compete, one should always be updated with technology.

People coming from any background can become developers. It may be whether they started programming at an early age and majored in computer science or they taught themselves how to code in the later stage of life

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Programming Languages 80%

OOPS Concept 95%

Database 85%

IDE 90%

OS 100%

What I Do

If you are looking at blank cassettes on the web then I am ready to make film out of it. I am willing to provide comprehensive services in the field of software developemnt and management. I doesn't want to limit my knowledge to myself but also want to deliver it to inquisitive learners through the medium of training and development.

Web Application

Available at remote server to deliver users over the internet through browser interface

Database Management

DBMS provides users to retrieve, create, update and manage data systematically

Frontend Development

Practice of converting data into graphical interface for users by using javascript

UI/UX Design

Processed user input and primary interface for user interaction

Graphic Design

It is used to create and combine symbols, images, text to represent them in graphics

Single Page Application

Rewriting the current page rather than loading the entire new page

Technical Armoury

If you are looking at battle of programming languages or development, you may be very confused about "How you can win ?"
I can become your 'Krishna' to help you in winning this battle

PHP (Slim, Lumen) 95%

SQL (MySQL, SQL Server) 90%

C 85%

C++ 90%

JAVA (Core) 80%

HTML 80%

CSS & SCSS 95%

Bootstrap 90%

JQuery 90%

Ajax 95%

PHPStorm 95%

NetBeans 85%

Eclipse 85%

Sublime Text 100%

VS Code 100%

Notepad++ 100%

Adobe Photoshop 75%

Ngrok 95%

Server's (WAMP, XAMPP, LAMP) 95%

SSH (Terminal, FileZilla, CyberDuck) 100%

Version Control (Git, Gitlab, Github, Bitbucket) 95%

Project Management (Trello, Jira, Gitlab) 95%

Windows 100%

Linux 100%

Mac OS 100%

Miniature of workfolio

Glimpse of my recent work

Charted Account Website

Charted Accountant Firm Website

Designed a C.A firm website using HTML, SCSS, BOOTSTRAP, JAVASCRIPT

Database Management

DataBase Management

Provided data management techniques and managed data for school

Notes Application

Web based NOTES application

Created a single page notes application, user based, with files and folders

Graphics and UI/UX Design

UI/UX Design and Graphic Design

Designed visiting cards, and digital marketing designs for various fields including social post, google ads, facebook ads etc.

3rd party Integration

Integrated 3rd party application in system

Integrated payment gateways, social network api's, pinterest api on demand

3rd party Integration

Designing, SEO, Digital Markting

IT technical head and all It related operations for Taxme like designing, digital marketing, SEO, social post, etc.

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