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web application

Web Application

In the technological world, today business applications use variety of programming platforms to develop web-based applications.

The web services can be searched for over the network and can also be invoked accordingly. When invoked the web service would be able to provide functionality to the client which invokes that web service.

Web services were able to take platforms to the next level by publishing functions, message, programs or objects to the rest of the internet.

Some of web applications I had created are : Billing Portal, Admin Panel for softwares, Payment Gateway and many more.

database management

DataBase Management

The DBMS manages three important things: the data, the database engine that allows data to be accessed, locked and modified -- and the database schema, which defines the database’s logical structure

Features provided by DBMS are : Data security, Uniform administration procedures, data integrity capabilities, economy of scale for processing large amounts of data and many more.

I widely used Mysql to offer services and I used them in web aplication development to store the data.

Frontend Development

Frontend Development

Front-end is a term that involves the building of webpages and user interfaces for web-applications. The core 3 technologies that all modern front-end web developers work to master are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

HTML is basic backbone of any web development, without which a web page is not doesn't exist. HTML language indicates text can be turned into images, tables, links, and other representations.

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) controls the presentation aspect of the site and allows your site to have its own unique look. They are included to get the triggered rules on the page load.

Javascript are the trigger based programing to manage static html pages to dynamically.


UI/UX Designing

User Interface (UI) is the graphical layout of an application. It consists of the buttons users click on, the text they read, the images, sliders, text entry fields any many more.

User experience (UX) of the app is determined by how they interact with it. Is the experience smooth and intuitive or clunky and confusing?

Some of work done on ui/ux are : Website designing, landing pages, web application ui.

Graphics Design

Graphic Design

The process of visual communication and problem-solving through the use of typography, photography, and illustration.

Graphic designers create and combine symbols, images and text to form visual representations of ideas and messages. The presentation of opinion and facts is often improved with graphics and thoughtful compositions of information designs.

Common things where I uses of graphic design include corporate design (logos and branding), editorial design (magazines, newspapers and books), wayfinding or environmental design, advertising, web design, communication design, product packaging, digital marketing, social post etc.

Single Page Development

Single Page Application

It is a approach where instead of loading whole page again, just need to update specific portion of web page using asyncronous request to server.

Single Page Applications have a slower first page load than server-based applications. This is because the first load has to bring down the framework and the application code before rendering the required view as HTML in the browser. A server-based application just has to push out the required HTML to the browser, reducing the latency and download time.

The development and technology is always the same, but the key components of how the application works are different.